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Q. What is Genie Delivers?

A platform made available for users and merchants to fulfil uncommon and common logistics’ request. It’s the fastest and largest hyper-local logistics company which enables you to request pickups and deliveries of almost everything. That’s legal.

Q. City served?

Pune.for now.

Q. ASAP delivery?

Depending on the requests, time may vary between 20 min - 90 min.

Q. Payment options?

Cash on delivery (COD). Online payments underway.
Note: Genie charges only for deliveries/services. All items requested are charged on actual.

Q. How would you know where to deliver?

While taking requests, we ask for basic information like Name, pickup and delivery contact & address.
We track the database for your future requests.

Q. When can I request something?

Well almost anytime. Between 08:00 AM (Morning) - 01:00 AM (Midnight)

Q. Do you have mobile apps?

A. We are soon coming with one. Stay tuned.

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